Taylor Swift performing in 2009


Hope you guys had a great weekend! Ours was suuuuper coastal.



Taylor (Mine Premiere): The kids that played my uh, character’s future kids and played like younger me, they all were really adorable and fun to have on the set and so I had this little party, just for them at my house. So they got to see the video first. We invited all of their families there just like they were all on set for the video.  Uh, like 25 kids! All like, we’re all piled up on the couch watching the video for the first time and they’d all scream when they saw themselves. (laughs)

Daww Taylor holding the baby


Favorite Taylor Swift Songs: Haunted

You and I walk a fragile line. I have known it all this time. Never ever thought I’d see it break. Never thought I’d see it…


favorite Taylor gif of all time lmao


July 26th, 2014
4:55 pm
still no 5th album news
Scott Borchetta gets closer to being brutally attacked with every fan he responds to on twitter


Love is fearless

It’s not that I’m this egomaniac and I don’t want to hear anything negative, because I do keep myself in check. But I’ve never developed that thick a skin. So I just kind of live a life, and I let all the gossip live somewhere else. If you go too far down the rabbit hole of what people think about you, it can change everything about who you are.